Premium Flexible Drive Couplings
Coupling PictureLIGHTWEIGHT/STRONG - Magnaloy is the original lightweight, heavy duty flexible drive coupling. Solid magnesium alloy permanent mold castings are heat treated and offer the highest strength-to-weight ration available.  Light weight magnesium construction makes the Magnaloy Coupling 76% lighter than iron and 36% lighter than aluminum units of similar design. The benefits include reduced loads on bearings, shafts and pumps for longer component life, easier handling and installation and rust proof and corrosion resistant design.

PRECISION MACHINED - The Magnaloy Coupling's wide, outside diameter is machined to .001 inch and the bore is machined concentric to this diameter within .002 inch T.I.R. These close machining tolerances assure vibration-free operation and easy, accurate alignment without need for special tools.

SIMPLE DESIGN - Magnaloy's Radial Lug Design is logical and efficient. The most common failure of an elastomeric insert type drive coupling is hysterisis failure of the elastometric element. Magnaloy Coupling's drive lugs are in a true radial orientation and applied forces are evenly distributed in the compressive direction only, eliminating the heat generating radial component. True compressive loading reduces internal heat generation and improves elastomer life. Magnaloy's Load-Lock Design entails a negative tapered configuration on the drive-lugs from top to base. Under load, the insert conforms to the tapers, inter-locking the two hubs. This Load Lock design protects bearings and equipment by eliminating end thrust in both directions.

FLEXIBILITY - Magnaloy Couplings offer four-way flexibility (parallel, angular, axial and torsional) and require no lubrication. They are easily installed and properly aligned without the use of special tools or equipment. - a straight edge and hex wrench are the only tools required. Magnaloy's insert reduces noise and vibration and permits needed flexibility for proper operation within alignment capabilities.

EASY ALIGNMENT - Magnaloy's wide, precision machined outside surfaces permit a simple, but accurate alignment procedure. Simply place a straight edge at the top and side of the coupling and adjust the equipment to permit no more than a .005 inch feeler gauge under the straight edge. This will indicate accurate parallel and angular alignment. The maximum recommended misalignment is 1 and the maximum recommended parallel misalignment is .015 inch.


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