To get tracking information on your order, enter your “P.O. Number” and “Destination Zip Code” and select the “Track” button below. If you do not know the Zip Code, just enter the PO Number and select the “Track” button, you will be directed to the UPS Web Site. From here, select the “Track” button at the bottom of the blue box under “Track by Reference”. This will provide you with abbreviated delivery information and a short version of the Tracking Number. If you require more detailed information, you will need to “login” to the UPS Web Site using your user name and password. The ‘login” button is located at the top/center of your screen. If you do not have a user name and password or do not know it, you can use our user name: Coupling1 and the password: Track123. This will give you detailed Activity of Arrival and Departures at the various UPS Depots including the compete Tracking Number for your shipment.

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